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Totheark first posted Regards as a response to Entry #9, where Alex yells at the cast of Marble Hornets and doesn't act like himself. According to Jay, he believes that Totheark is the Masked Man, but looking at his responses, he believes that the videos were created by different people who may make up totheark.

Video Responses[]

In his cryptic responses to the entries, Totheark seems to mock Alex and Jay constantly, and refers to an object/idea/location known as the Ark. Totheark's messages even get threatening towards Alex, for in Deluge, it appears to be somekind of ransom note for Alex. Totheark is also the only person in Marble Hornets to refer to the Operator by name. However, it seems like Jay knows what he is talking about, for in one response (Messages) Totheark talks about keeping secrets which leads to Jay revealing that he has been recording himself for a month.

Totheark's responses also show events that weren't caught on footage by Jay or Alex (Return shows where Jay was in the 3 hours he was absent in Entry #19, Addition shows Jay colllasping in Entry #16, etc.) and he appears to be very mocking towards Alex and Jay. (Fragments shows a ripped up picture of Alex, as totheark says that he is broken and cannot be fixed.)


Totheark's identity is one of the biggest mysteries in Marble Hornets. No one exactly knows how he flimed the videos without getting caught or his reasoning for producing the videos. As far as we know, Totheark seems to want to use Jay as a way to get to Alex, who may or may not lead him to this Ark he keeps talking about in his responses.

His stalker like intentions often lead to people believing that the Masked Man and another mysterious character, Hoodie for they have stalked and even attacked Alex.

It is believed that the man outside Jay's car in Entry #39 is Totheark himself, as the video Forecast appears to be from the man's point of view.

Other speculation is that ToTheArk is actually Tim when he is under the influence of 'Masky'

The YouTuber Night Mind speculates that totheark is 3 people. Brian, Tim, and Seth. Having Seth would explain why totheark has many secret tapes that a normal person would not have access to, since he was the cameraman. He also has a motive to hate Alex, as Alex became more irrational by the end of shooting, as well as trying to kill him.