Alex's tapes in Entry #71

"Great. More tapes."
Jay, Entry #53

The Marble Hornets tapes are a collection of DV cassettes recorded when Alex Kralie was working on his student film of the same name. During the filming process, however, Alex became increasingly and visibly more agitated as time went on until eventually he quit filming altogether. His initial intention after he gave up on his project was burn these tapes, until his script supervisor, Jay, intervened, requesting permission to keep them. Alex grudgingly agreed, and Jay held onto the tapes for three years before uploading them to his YouTube channel.

So far there are 19 tapes uploaded that were part of Alex Kralie's original collection, 4 more that were recorded around the same time by one of Alex's actors, Tim. 16 of these tapes (Entries 1-14 along with 17 and 20) were part of the original collection given to Jay directly by Alex.

A few of these tapes contain footage of what was meant to be Alex's student film, usually interrupted by something setting Alex off, something distorting the tape itself, and/or an appearance by the Operator. Most of the tapes, however, do not appear to be related to his film at all, but rather display a compulsive need for Alex to film himself at all times.