Regards (4)

Regards is the first video uploaded to the Marble Hornets side channel, totheark.

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Post Date July 22, 2009
Duration 00:10
Description ////////


The first and one of the most visually simple totheark upload consists of a series of forward slashes in rectangular boxes which change in size. The video ends on the letters C L O S E L Y stacked like a tower.


If you count the number of forward slashes either across or down, you can use the A=1 code to find your letters. So:

Regards (1)

12 slashes

In this picture we can count 12 slashes, the 12th letter in the alphabet being L. L is our first letter.

Regards (2)

15 slashes

Here we can count 15 slashes, leading us to the letter O. This particular size box flashes again, giving us two O's in a row.

Regards (3)

11 slashes

The final box is 11 slashes, giving us the letter K.

Together, the boxes give us the word LOOK. Paired with the final image, our whole message is LOOK CLOSELY.


  • This upload may serve as a sort of salutation, alerting Jay and the viewers to the nature of this channel in general. It warns us that not everything can be taken at face value, and if you spend time trying to get a deeper look, you might be able to dig up some answers.