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Alex Kralie's Marble Hornets Trailer

The trailer for Marble Hornets (Season 2 Extra)


Marble Hornets was a film project created by film student, Alex Kraile. However, the movie was cancelled. According to Alex, it was due to 'unworkable' condictions even though the set was less then a mile from his house. Alex swore to burn the tapes the movie was kept on, but his friend Jay talked him into giving him the tapes under the condition that they are never mentioned again.


Marble Hornets stars Brian, (played by Brian) who missed his home town dearly when he was in college, but upon returning, he feels like the town has grown up without him. Along the way, Brian encounters very wacky things as he tries to adjust to the change that has taken place in his beloved town.

The Tapes[]

Marble Hornets was shot on various tapes that soon made the switch from fliming the movie to Alex constantly recording himself seeming out of fear and paranoia inflicted on him by The Operator, even making him behave violently in later entries.

However, the tapes also prove that Alex was indeed location scouting for Marble Hornets, and intended to record the scouting as a little behind the scenes feature for the movie.