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"You already spent so much money on tapes, you can't afford actors anyway."
Tim to Alex in Entry #9

In Entry #9, Jay notes a severe change in Alex's personality.


Previous Video Entry #8
Following Video Entry #10
Camera Seth (on Alex's camera)
Characters Alex Kralie, Tim, Sarah, Seth
Post Date June 19, 2009
Duration 03:36
Description 9


Jay starts the entry, saying that he's never seen Alex act the way he does in the following raw footage from Marble Hornets.

When the video begins, Tim and Sarah stand in the gazebo (previously seen in Entry #5 ), reciting lines for Alex's film. Their conversation revolves around Brian's return home. Tim asks Sarah if she's spoken to Brian, trying to figure out what made him decide to come back, but Sarah feels like Brian made his decision when he left her for the city and that was that.

The scene ends, but Alex is dissatisfied and decides to shoot it again. Tim and Sarah are obviously irritated, but Alex insists that the pacing is off and that it doesn't feel like a real conversation. Frustrated, Tim says under his breath that this is the eighth take and still Alex wants to do it again. Just when they're about to start over, they're interrupted by people talking in the background. Sarah points out that this is to be expected when filming in a public location, and Tim comments that it's a good thing he didn't have plans for the rest of the day. Hearing this, Alex snaps that Tim shouldn't be making plans when they're scheduled to film anyway. They continue to argue until Sarah steps in and recommends that they just do the scene again, but once they start their lines, Alex cuts them off due to the fact that they began from the wrong part of the script.

There's a break in the tape, and Seth is heard saying that the film is rolling. Alex explodes at Seth in anger that he would stop recording despite instructions to keep the camera going at all times. Seth tries to explain that he was just trying to save time on the tape, but Alex reminds him that he has a trunk full of blank tapes in the car and that Seth's only job was to press record and keep the camera standing. Alex's anger is exacerbated by the fact that Seth brought his dog along to the shoot, and Sarah and Tim jump to Seth's defense, Sarah telling Alex that his attitude is unwarranted and Tim mocking him for his petulance. Eventually Alex gives a brief apology and decides to just keep moving with the shoot.

Jay notes that Alex appears to have been filming himself constantly even before giving up on Marble Hornets and that whoever was following him seems to have stressed him out to the point of affecting his personality. The entry ends.



Entry 9