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In Entry #8, Jay notes how unusual Alex is acting.


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Camera Alex Kralie
Characters Alex Kralie
Post Date July 12, 2009
Duration 00:36
Description Short entry. Doesn't seem like Alex.


Jay starts the entry off by telling us that although there is no visual tearing in this entry, the audio cuts out.

The video begins, showing Alex Kralie scribbling furiously on a notepad. The table is littered with similar scribblings, all of which appear to have been drawn with haste, although not of anything very identifiable. A couple Operator symbols can be spotted on the far side of the table, a paper caught underneath Alex's notebook reads "FIND ME," and the drawing that Alex is currently working on looks to be the beginnings of a cry for help above a stick figure with its face crossed out.

Alex stops mid-drawing to get up from the table and turn off a nearby lamp. Everything goes dark and Jay states that nothing can be seen for the rest of the entry and the audio never returns. 



Entry 8