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"This town just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. I missed it so much when I was in college, but now that I'm back...I just feel like a depressed teenager all over again, stuck in a loop of unhappiness."
Brian, reading lines in Entry #7

In Entry #7, Jay realizes that someone has been following Alex .


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Camera Alex Kralie
Characters Alex KralieThe OperatorBrian, girl off camera
Post Date July 7, 2009
Duration 02:01
Description Patterns emerging.


Jay starts off the entry by saying that the following video consists entirely of raw footage from Marble Hornets, also pointing out that at one point it appears Alex speaks to a girl off camera.

The video opens inside a car, with Alex behind the wheel filming Brian in the passenger's seat. After a couple false starts (one of which involving Alex dropping the script and his keys outside of the car, another involving Alex telling the girl off camera not to say anything due to the fact that the camera will pick it up), they are finally able to begin shooting the scene.

Brian's character laments that his hometown does not feel the same to him after going away to college. Alex, reading Tim's lines, suggests that maybe Brian has just grown up, to which Brian replies that maybe it's the town that's grown up. Tim's character concedes that Brian may be right, and the scene ends.

When Brian leans back in his seat, the figure seen in previous entries appears, standing in the alley behind them. Alex spots the figure and decides to leave immediately, offering no explanation to Brian. Some audio distortion occurs as Alex starts the car and the video ends.

Jay concludes the entry, noting that someone has been following Alex.



Entry 7