Entry 4 (2)
In Entry #4, Jay finds another tape without an audio track.


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Camera Alex Kralie
Characters Alex KralieThe Operator
Post Date June 25, 2009
Duration 00:46
Description 4


Jay writes that he's found another tape containing strange footage and no audio track, and the entry cuts to a playground scene at night. It's reasonably well lit, and several pieces of playground equipment are visible. Alex approaches a swingset, which is moving despite there being no one else in the immediate area, and some visual tearing occurs on the tape. He passes a seesaw and as he turns around, spots a figure walking quickly away from him, the same figure shown in entry #1

Alex loses track of the figure almost immediately, the camera pans out to show the entire playground, still empty, and the video ends.

Jay notes that this and the first entry are the only ones he has found without audio and adds that he is beginning to suspect Alex removed it himself. 


Entry 4

Entry 4


  • Visual tearing in Entry #4
  • The Operator in Entry #4