In Entry #3Jay begins to realize that most of the tapes Alex gave him weren't even scenes from Marble Hornets - but rather Alex fliming himself, constantly checking for something out there.


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Camera Alex Kralie
Characters Alex Kralie
Post Date June 23, 2009
Duration 2:29
Description 3


Jay's text at the opening of the entry comments that he is beginning to notice most of the tapes Alex gave him are not footage for the film at all, but rather just Alex filming himself for no outwardly apparent reason. Jay tells us that the following clips are pulled from roughly twelve different tapes and lets the footage roll.

The first segment is a shot of Alex sitting on a sofa, though all that's visible of him are his knees. There's a sound of rustling and ripping paper, and a few seconds later some visual tearing occurs on the video. Alex places a sheet of paper on the seat beside him, gets up for a moment and sits down again, continuing his work with the paper.

The next shot is of the outdoors, through a window. It's getting dark outside, the sky is a light pink behind tall trees.

Next is inside a supermarket where Alex is shopping for blank tapes, presumably to continue his incessant filming. He picks a triple pack off of the peg and walks off.

Next, Alex sits before his computer, staring hard at the screen as if studying something. Suddenly, his attention is drawn to the window. It's dark outside and the blinds are drawn. Alex reaches for a new blank tape on the desk, watches the time for a few more seconds and finally ends the recording to swap out the tape.

The following clip is of the outdoors during the day. The footage shows nothing but trees, but the video itself is choppy and distorted, if only visually.

Next is Alex driving at night. He appears to be passing through a populated area, there are plenty of store and street lights in the background, but there's no indication of where he's been or where he's going.

Finally, Alex is back in his office during the day, checking through the blinds for something. An alarm tone goes off on his phone and he shuts it off, grabbing the camera.

Jay ends the entry by saying that he's not sure if any of it is useful in any way, but it does look like Alex wanted the camera to be on him at all times. He adds that he still believes the clip from Entry #1 is his best lead.


Entry 3-0

Entry 3-0