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Entry 26[]

Entry 26 is the final entry of Season 1 of Marble Hornets.


The video starts off with Jay telling the viewer that he is leaving either forever or for a time. However, he soon finds a tape with the words "Watch it" on it.

The Entry[]

The entry begins with a shot of a sunny backyard. the person behind the camera is a girl, although she mentions the name "Alex". The camera then swings to show Alex himself, working on something on his couch. The girl asks him why he is acting strangely, but he tells her to put down the camera. After a few more moments, the camera turns to show the Operator leaning in through the door. The girl screams and runs. One can barely hear Alex telling her to get out of there, and to meet him outside. The entry ends with a frozen shot of the sillhouette of the Operator, and then the the word "HELP".