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In this entry, Jay finds that Alex has had closer run-ins with The Operator than Alex had thought.


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Camera: Alex Kralie
Characters: Alex Kralie, The Operator
Post Date: August 9, 2009
Duration: 01:58
Description: Alex missed something


The entry begins with Jay telling us that he had found another clip of another close encounter with The Operator, though Alex doesn't know it.

The video cuts to the image of a bed, with a wall covered with the drawings Alex was doing in Entry 8, with words such as KILLS and SEES ME. At the bottom is what is presumed to be Alex's bed, with Alex laying on it. Alex gets up abruptly, takes the camera and walks outside his room to turn off the lights, then proceeds down the stairs and turns to another room where a window with horizontal blinds were. He points the camera through the blinds, and when he finds nothing, leaves to another room and points the camera out a window with vertical blinds. When he finds nothing there, he moves to another room where two windows are side by side. Alex doesn't notice this, but on the right window is The Operator, standing right in front of it. Alex points the camera out the window on the left, but sees nothing.

Alex then turns the lights back on, and returns up the stairs to his room, putting the camera back to how it was moments ago, before laying on the bed again, his back to the camera. On the right side of the screen, there is a shadow passing by. The papers stuck to that side of the wall moves, as if someone or something walked past them, presumably The Operator.



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