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Alex in Entry #10

In Entry #10Jay finds Alex running from whoever was following him.


Previous Video Entry #9
Following Video Entry #11
Camera Alex Kralie
Characters Alex KralieThe Operator
Post Date July 28, 2009
Duration 01:32
Description More missing audio.


Jay opens the entry saying, "Found another troubling clip. Whatever was following Alex has him running now."

The video starts up, blurred with flashes of light in trees as Alex runs with his camera. Eventually he pauses to turn and look around, shining his flashlight through branches and underbrush. He doesn't spot anything for several seconds until he raises the beam a bit higher and the blank face of his stalker becomes visible.

That sends Alex off running again and all that can be made out in the video for a while is grass and the fabric of Alex's jeans. When he finally stops, it looks like he's standing on pavement and we catch a glimpse of Alex's face in the reflection of a window, possibly as he tries to get into his car. He looks behind him one more time, but finds that he still hasn't managed to throw off his follower who stands still in the grass just yards away. The video cuts out.



Entry 10